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On adoption and poetry: A NightBlock interview with John Gallaher

9781938160516-frontcover BOA poet John Gallaher was recently interviewed by NightBlock's Eric Enquist on what Gallaher calls "inexpensive therapy." This form of therapy is prevalent in his new book In a Landscape, as Gallaher discusses his adoption in 1968 and how that has influenced his writing. "We all feel, at least sometimes, like we're dislocated," Gallaher says. "But for adopted people, it's actual. We are dislocated." At first, Gallaher was opposed to calling the collection a "book of poetry," and felt that this particular writing style and content was better suited as non-fiction. He says in the interview: "One of the things about poetry that kind of annoys me now and then is being at a poetry reading, and sometimes, now and then, what a poet will say between poems is more interesting to me than the poems themselves. The poet will give some background or tell a story or pose some large question or goal, and that just feels so much more human and fragile than what the poem ends up being. So I wanted that. I wanted to try to write the middle bits, and questions of being good or happy or whatever are what happens there, in our day-to-day negotiations." When asked what he hoped for in writing this way, Gallaher says, "I want not to feel alone. I want to feel like we all belong. That there’s hope for us. The planet." Click here to read the full NightBlock interview: "The Adopted Voice: An Interview with John Gallaher." In a Landscape is available for purchase at the BOA Bookstore.
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