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San Francisco Chronicle on Robert Thomas' BRIDGE

SFC_Bridge Still looking for the perfect last-minute holiday gift? We highly recommend Bridge by Robert Thomas. And we're not the only ones! The San Franciscio Chronicle just featured the new fiction collection in a thorough and spot-on review. Calling the book an "energetic, lyrical narration," the review discusses the "precarious mental state" of protagonist Alice. "Bridge ... may borrow a weapon, along with a taut style and a slender economy, from James M. Cain, but this is no crime story. Instead, and perhaps incongruously, it is a quiet, interior novel, a character study in which the prose plays a bigger role than the plot. What happens in the story is minimal: San Francisco legal secretary Alice falls in love with her married colleague David, antagonizes her supervisor, Fran, and buys that gun. But how it happens — and how Alice describes it happening — is striking, unsettling and profound." According to the review, "the rushing thoughts, sense impressions, quirky language and crumbling boundaries" of Bridge speak not just to an isolated plot, but to "agonizing universal truths." "We realize that [Alice] is indeed on precarious ground, and, as a classic unreliable narrator, cannot be trusted — or can she? In this inventive psychological novel, the mind-set of the psychologically suspect narrator may be what matters most." In the new issue of Ploughshares, poet and Advisory Editor Eleanor Wilner also recommends Bridge, saying, “The serial monologues of Alice … place us inside a wholly original, slightly suicidal, radically unconventional mind: precariously balanced, yet how far down she can see without falling. In this poet's tour de force fiction, Thomas' imaginative language created in me, to transplant his phrase, 'what medical books accurately term 'prolonged dazzle.'" Click here to read the full review from The San Francisco Chronicle. Bridge is available now at the BOA Bookstore.
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