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Rain Taxi 'uncovers richness of meaning' in Copia

Meitner_AuthorPhoto Erika Meitner’s Copia “uncovers richness of meaning in plain American language,” according to a recent review by Rain Taxi Review of Books. The review notes Meitner’s focus on how “common objects and signage become mediums for recovering history and personal memory” in the face of decaying landscapes that are both barren and overabundant, from the aisles of Walmart to the city of Detroit. Meitner is the guide through such "barren surfaces" as American suburbs and cities, and emphasizes that “'The truth is / even cities / are ephemeral.'” What becomes important in the face of decay is recovering the stories of the people who inhabited the city when it was alive." The collection introduces readers to the objects and the people who populate these landscapes. "Meitner does this most effectively in 'All that Blue Fire,' in which she draws out the lyricism of an autoworker’s voice as he tells the story of why he came to Detroit. Through repetition and line breaks, she gives the language of a common person the quality of a blues song." "The idea that spirituality manifests itself through common things runs through Copia, suggesting richness underlies an apparently barren surface." Click here to read the full Rain Taxi review. Copia is available at the BOA Bookstore.
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