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LA Review: Revising the Storm is 'a compelling story through verse'

RevisingTheStorm_Bookstore The Los Angeles Review is calling Geffrey Davis’ Revising the Storm “a compelling story through verse," capable of making readers “stop for far longer than punctuation warrants in order to fully appreciate a single couplet.” "Revising the Storm reverberates with the voice of a young man emerging from a boyhood plagued by hunger, loneliness, and pain into a new life as a man who finds peace in reconciling with the past. The cyclical passage of life, love, and responsibility from father to son is measured in its varying degrees." In these poems, readers come to see the development of the speaker, less in the vein of the situational episodes that have historically made up the roman à clef, and more as lucid, telling odes with a familial focus. "A mother crying alone in her kitchen, a hungry boy unable to sleep in his bed, the unbearable weight cast by an absent father—these quotidian and universal miseries are by no means exclusive to the world of poetry, but when rendered in verse by a talented poet such as Davis, readers bare witness with new eyes." According to reviewer Michael Luke Benedetto, the poems construct a distinctive arc and chronology: “the three sections of Revising the Storm build upon one another and out of one another until the reader begins to see glimmers of calm amidst so much hardship.” The tone of the speaker seems to suggest that, in spite of longing and "an absence so strongly felt," the passing of time and meditation on the past are sufficiently regenerative. "Revising the Storm is a considerable collection replete with the dark troubles and misfortunes of life that only serve to make its moments of beauty that much brighter." Click here to read the full piece by the Los Angeles Review. Revising the Storm is currently in stock at the BOA bookstore.
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