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NYTBR features 'The Tao of Humiliation' on Sunday Shortlist

nyt_2 TheTaoOfHumiliation_Bookstore Big news from the weekend for The Tao of Humiliation! The New York Times Book Review featured Lee Upton's new fiction collection on its Sunday Shortlist, calling the stories "long, erudite, warmhearted and capable, brimming with scholarship and knowledge." According to the review, "Readers will want to live inside this wonderful book — not just in its parties and wrecked gatherings and sophisticated conversations but in the sentences themselves, which are genuine shelters ... In its own way, each sentence is a container filled with something revelatory." Just released in May, The Tao of Humiliation is alternately chilling, funny, devastating, with stories that examine the course of humiliation. Introducing us to a theater critic who winds up in a hot tub with the actress he routinely savages in reviews; a biographer who struggles to discover why a novelist stopped writing; a student who contends with her predatory professor; and the startling scenario of the last satyr meeting his last woman, Upton’s characters backtrack into the past, then make their way forward with humiliation as their guide. "Upton’s other life as a poet pervades this book," says the NYTBR. "Over and over she settles her attention on something — an apple blossom one second, a sexually transmitted disease the next — and her imagination pauses time and narrative to pool around an image. Her treatment of history is also fascinating, and winningly breezy, as if it were just gossip from the past." Click here to read the entire NYTBR review. The Tao of Humiliation is available for purchase at the BOA Bookstore.
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