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Heavy Feather Review calls Birth Marks 'masterful' and 'profound'

birthmarks In a review that regards Jim Daniels' Birth Marks as an expression of "the loss of the authenticity we experienced during our youth," Heavy Feather Review analyzes the recurring motifs of authenticity and alienation in the recent poetry collection. "Employing his masterful control of language, Daniels' new book suggests that, much as we may be 'marked' during our youth by the imperfections of a dissolute society, from our subsequent perspective as adults, we may view our often flawed coming-of-age experiences as the most authentic ones of our lives." The review calls the poems "very amusing," and speculates that the "profound irony that emerges" in Daniels' poetry may be a reflection of the poet's own "experiences while growing up in 1960s/70s Detroit." Click here to read the entire insightful and analytic discussion from Heavy Feather Review. To purchase a copy of Jim Daniels' Birth Marks, please visit the online BOA  Bookstore.
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