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BUST Magazine: Jillian Weise's Poems "Set the World on Fire"

magenta_logo.sm2 53a9e8872f9ba Image courtesy of BUST Magazine In a recent BUST Magazine "Feminizzle" interview by Amy Carlberg, award-winning poet Jillian Weise discusses "new words, cyborgs, and burning patriarchy to the ground." The poet offers her take on stereotypes within the writers' circle, and on the assumptions readers, reviewers, and other writers often make about speakers in her poems. Weise handles such topics as disability and discrimination, as experienced in her life and in her poetry, with the spunk and pluck of a true modern feminist, a girl defending her right to bear arms "at the shooting range, practicing [her] shot." "Moments after Jillian Weise left the stage of a poetry festival for which I volunteered," says Carlberg, "she pressed a copy of her recent poetry collection, The Book of Goodbyes, into my hands without payment. It's inscribed with one simple instruction: 'Set the world on fire.' It's a brilliant manifesto for a young woman of any discipline, and one that punches through every line of Weise's poetry." Click here to read the complete BUST Magazine interview, "I Can't Pretend to Have No Response." Jillian Weise's award-winning collection The Book of Goodbyes can be ordered online through the BOA Bookstore.
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