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World Literature Today: The Oasis of Now is 'pulsing with life'

OasisofNow_Front The Oasis of Now, Sohrab Sepehri's first publication in the United States, is praised by World Literature Today and Three Percent review for its ability to marry "our everyday senses and that of nature flawlessly." According to Word Literature Today's Nota Bene review: "Sepehri combines his rich knowledge of Buddhism, Sufi mysticism, and western traditions in the rapturous collection." Because of this integration of several belief systems, Sepehri is seen as an emblem of justice and peace in Iranian culture. His poetry often appeared on signs, banners, and clothing during the 2009 Iranian election protests. One of the five most popular poets of Persian New Poetry, Sepehri's work focuses on celebrating the beauty that arises from the familiar and mundane. A Three Percent reviewer says, "I felt the need to slow down after reading these pieces, so much that I just wanted to walk around my apartment, look at things, without expectations, certain that if I waited long enough something beautiful would emerge out of its ordinariness." Sepehri saturates his poems in rich imagery and language, ultimately reconciling conflicting ideals and creating a peace he feels can be present in the existing, natural world. World Literature Today says, "Pulsing with life, Sepehri's poetry mourns and rejoices, celebrating the complex nature of the world and humanity's place within it." Click here to read the entire World Literature Today Nota Bene review. Click here to read the entire Three Percent review.
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