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Watson is 'somewhere between Beckett and George Saunders'

EraOfNotQuite_Bookstore According to a new Rain Taxi review of Douglas Watson's The Era of Not Quite, "Watson’s fabulist fictions make us laugh at ourselves, our incomplete longings, and irrational fears ... With a wicked humor and a sense of the absurd somewhere between Beckett and George Saunders, Watson makes us laugh while pointing out the irrationality of our desires." Winner of the inaugural BOA Short Fiction Prize, The Era of Not Quite explores the realm of futility in life. While depicting individual characters' struggles, these stories simultaneously zoom the perspective out to larger realities. According to reviewer Peter Grandbois, "The shift to larger concerns puts our own petty desires in perspective, and yet, it's Watson's genius that human desire still feels poignant, all the more so because it is so short-lived." "Reading his work, we know we have no right to ask for meaning in the grand narrative of the universe, and yet we feel strangely excited by our daring to do exactly that." This Rain Taxi review appears in the journal's Spring 2014 Issue. Visit the BOA Bookstore to get your hands on The Era of Not Quite.
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