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Theophobia is a Poetry Northwest 'Notable Book of 2014'

Theophobia Bruce Beasley's latest poetry collection Theophobia (Fall 2012) has been named one of Poetry Northwest's "Notable Books of 2014." According to Poetry Northwest reviewer Brandon Krieg, "The gods feared in Bruce Beasley's brilliant, ambitious new collection, Theophobia are the gods we have created to replace the pre-enlightenment pantheon. Science and Technology, those terrible deities whose bidding we do in our smallest daily observances--dialing customer service, looking something up on Wikipedia--are the gods we unwittingly cry out to in the wilderness they, in fact, have created." Along with his theological ideas, Krieg notes Beasley's use of language as art: "...Beasley's language in this collection is hyper-charged with alliteration, consonance, and internal rhyme, and would tight as a spring through the spiraling enjambments of variously-long lines. And, while Beasley discovers gorgeous music in a number of esoteric dictions ... a pervasive anxiety in the collection seems to be that language will come to possess the speaker, that he might become a mere output of its information." "These poems are difficult, their gnarled syntaxes and encyclopedic vocabularies demand from us that we be at our best as readers, that we muster something of ourselves to overcome the terror of our current predicament. And that rewarding difficulty is precisely what makes this book necessary—it demands that we participate in its project of imagining how to be resilient, how to be larger." Click here to read the entire Poetry Northwest review. To purchase your own copy of Theophobia, visit the BOA Bookstore.
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