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The Brooklyn Rail calls Jewelry Box an 'excellent new collection'

jewelrybox_bookstore According to a recent Brooklyn Rail review of Jewelry Box: A Collection of Histories, Aurelie Sheehan's new collection "catalogs, in part, the ephemeral treasures associated with love." "The book is written as if to disprove the fact that our trinkets are useless -- 58 stories that coalesce into a study of connection, a whole that becomes greater than the sum of its parts," says reviewer Carmen Gimenez Smith. "Sometimes dream-like, autobiographical, or poetic, the book resists mere categorization in favor of assembling a vivid collection of instances imbued with nostalgia and import." Using "messy intimacy" rather than dates and facts to tell her histories, Sheehan "reveals in the rest of the stories, her maniacal, musical, unconventional approach is the most apt way of giving life to this particular love’s composition. The book is distinctively feminine (and feminist) this way ...  Although the writing is tight and controlled, the sentences themselves are associative, rhythmic, and complex, which helps in deepening the book’s music." "The contents of a jewelry box and the attendant memories crystallize into lyric occasions in this excellent new collection by Aurelie Sheehan." Click here to read the full Brooklyn Rail review. Jewelry Box is available now at the BOA Bookstore.
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