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Aurelie Sheehan featured in Tucson Weekly and NYTBR

jewelrybox_bookstore Aurelie Sheehan's Jewelry Box (BOA, Fall 2013) was recently featured by Tucson Weekly. The new collection alludes to Sheehan's own personal life experiences in brief, thoughtful stories. "Not quite prose poems, not quite flash fiction, not quite memoir--nonetheless all of the above--the little pieces in Aurelie Sheehan's new collection that she calls 'histories' do, in fact, hint at her life history," says the review. "Her entries--some as short as a single paragraph; none longer than a few pages--explore feminine sexuality, motherhood, daughterhood, and the writer's life related to feminine sexuality, motherhood, daughterhood." "These 'histories' can shimmer exquisitely jewel-like." Sheehan was also recognized by The New York Times in its Sunday Book Review for her story "The Lotus Eaters," recently published in anthology XO Orpheus. Click here to read the entire review from Tucson Weekly. Click here to read the full Sunday Book Review from The New York Times. To purchase your own copy of Aurelie Sheehan's Jewelry Box, visit the BOA Bookstore.
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