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Booklist says Teig's new collection is 'brimming with wit'

boxinthegarage_bookstore A new Booklist review says Michael Teig's There's a Box in the Garage You Can Beat with a Stick (BOA, 2013) is "brimming with wit." The collection "has one of the boldest titles in poetry-book history, and he follows his standout title with highly imaginative poems boasting imagery with passionate reach." "Nearly every poem in this collection can be viewed as a picturesque mural that doesn't quite make sense, yet, curiously, leads to wonder and excitement. It is quite possible that Teig has inherited the mantle of William Carlos Williamsons' 'Red Wheelbarrow.' But there is nothing here that is definitive, and that is the point." The full review can be read in Booklist's November 15 issue. Order your copy of There's a Box in the Garage You Can Beat with a Stick, available now in the BOA Bookstore.


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