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Carrying Sheehan's stories through our days: A TGOB review

jewelrybox_bookstore A recent Three Guys One Book review of Aurelie Sheehan's new Jewelry Box (BOA, 2013) deems it a grand collection of "histories." Sheehan's 58 stories, each titled after a different object, offer readers a completely new point-of-view with every turn of the page. According to reviewer Benjamin Rybeck, "The effect of this book is dizzying. Reading it, I felt as though I had stepped into a room with 58 strangers and asked each of them to relay something personal. As a result, shards of these "histories" have lodged themselves in my mind, even if I have difficulty remembering the exact source of each image or phrase." The review sums up the book's "mission statement" with an excerpt from one of its stories: "'Some days it seems […] that life holds important and beautiful stories. Other days, life isn’t shaped like that—into stories and whatnot.'" Jewelry Box allows readers to put the pieces together in these histories, to create our own stories. "Sheehan's histories focus on moments, on objects, on fragments. We, the readers, do the rest, carrying through our days Sheehan's embodiments of familiar things, letting our own minds and experiences fill in her ellipses." Click here to read the entire Three Guys One Book review. To purchase your own copy of Jewelry Box, visit the BOA Bookstore.
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