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Refuge appears in Green Mountains Review

refuge Lauren Hilger of Green Mountains Review compares Adrie Kusserow's Refuge (BOA, 2013) to the works of Langston Hughes and Anne Sexton. Poems like Kusserow's "'War Metaphysics for a Sudanese Girl' ...suggest the cadence and construct of Langston Hughes' 'Harlem,'" while poems like "Skull Trees, South Sudan" are "delivered with Anne Sexton tartness." "Kusserow presents her awareness and self-consciousness to the reader. She often writes the familiar as alien ... This collection grips the reader with jaggedness, inequality, horror, and the tenderness of nursing one's children. A Vermont mother watches her son and daughter play in the stream having seen a Sudanese woman lying in the road. Ethnographic poetry has capacity to hold the enormity of war and a fight between siblings. Here, Refuge exists both for war torn nations and the narrator and her family." Click here to read the entire GMR review. Refuge is available now at the BOA Bookstore.
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