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Inside Higher Ed calls stories in Jewelry Box 'glittering little truths'

jewelrybox_bookstore According to an Inside Higher Ed review, Aurelie Sheehan's Jewelry Box: A Collection of Histories (BOA, 2013) is more than just a collection of typical memories turned stories, and is compared in some ways to Hemingway's brief fictions. "Micro-fictions, flash-memoirs, prose poems, incidents, anecdotes, extended metaphors-there's no differentiation on the book's part, nor is there much need, as most of the pieces are glittering little truths whether factual or not," says the review. Jewelry Box, comprised of "58 delightful, tiny stories" is a collection of intimate renderings of the life that surrounds us, just under the surface. Sheehan's writing captures, and then holds onto, the reader's attention: "In the end it’s the images within the pieces—stories, memoirs, whatever you want to call them—that remain under your skin. The 'long, cream-colored Oldsmobiles—cars designed as living rooms—and glass-bellied lamps with womanly curves. The rose water and the Chanel No. 5 mingled with the faint smell of yesterday’s gin martinis, and the wet smell of this evening’s in particular.' The variety of forms, topics, and tones in this slim book is astonishing, making it very much like individual discernments collected over a long period." Click here to read the entire Inside Higher Ed review. Newly printed copies of Jewelry Box are now available at the BOA Bookstore. Pre-order your copy today to get it in your hands early!
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