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PW *STARRED* Review calls The Book of Goodbyes 'brilliant'

BookofGoodbyes_Bookstore A Publishers Weekly *Starred* Review is calling Jillian Weise's new collection The Book of Goodbyes (BOA, Sept. 2013) "...a smart and savvy ode to absences—of a lover, of a self, and of a part of the self, literal and figurative." The review ruminates on the structure of the book--with its "acts," a middle Intermission and a Curtain Call ending--and on Weise, as she writes "brilliantly" about being marked a "disabled" poet. "Intermission’s whimsical, hip fables star anthropomorphic finches, and the Curtain Call’s 'Elegy for Zahra Baker'—a philosophical tract on absence, presence, and pain—brilliantly examines the case of a missing person, a young girl with a missing leg. ...Throughout, Weise’s masterfully balanced voice transforms even unique intricacies of her experience into a way to relate to—not alienate—the reader. This is a brilliant book ultimately about connection." Click here to read the full PW *Starred* Review. Newly printed copies of The Book of Goodbyes are now available at the BOA Bookstore! Pre-order your copy today and get it in your hands early!
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