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Booklist calls The Era of Not Quite a 'promising first book'

EraOfNotQuite_Bookstore Booklist (online) is calling The Era of Not Quite a "promising first book," which "jettisons as many fictional conventions" as possible. "Written in a plain style and using the flexible logic and tropes of fables, these tales wink at the reader in a sly, postmodern way, saying, in effect, 'This is the not the world, it is fiction, but how worldlike fiction is, and how worldly readers feel feeling real feelings about fictional worlds.' And Watson’s world is like a Möbius strip made of flypaper." The Era of Not Quite, just released by BOA in May, is chock-a-block with deaths, births, sea and land voyages, excursions to the library, philosophical asides, and things like wolves. People fall in and out of love, walk in and out of buildings, take two steps forward and two steps back. Futility is a theme of the book, but so is the necessity of trying. "Modest in their ambitions and narrow in scope, these tales, in which, for example, a dragon bites off his own foot for having 'wronged beauty,' will stick with you." Click here to read the entire Booklist review. The Era of Not Quite is now available at the BOA Bookstore.
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