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True Faith: 'Superbly Crafted Poems' -Gently Read Literature

True Faith: Ira Sadoff Ira Sadoff’s True Faith (BOA, 2012) is both "provocative and mature,” according to Gently Read Literature. The collection wrestles with notions of “god, country, and self,” and it is through explorations of these themes that Sadoff becomes a “skilled craftsman, imparting his vision—and his questions—in perfectly sculpted bursts of powerful language.” True Faith openly admits to a negative, sometimes “derisive” tone, but not without purpose. In an attempt to “reach the core of the human mind and heart,” Sadoff interrogates "ideas of faith," juxtaposes a “young man’s innocence” with a “naïve and sleeping America,” boldly exposes our “inability to communicate freely and openly,” and thoroughly depicts the “failure and fallacy of the American dream.” “The human voice is captured beautifully as one can almost hear the fist pounding the podium—or kitchen table—at the end of each line.” If “good art” gives us “new perspective on the world,” then Sadoff’s collection of “superbly crafted poems,” moves us into a “new outlook by questioning belief systems… [allowing] readers to explore the deeper reaches of their minds and the foundations of their beliefs.” Click here to purchase your own copy of True Faith.
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