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PW calls Light and Heavy Things 'moving and timely'

Light_Heavy_final Publishers Weekly is calling BOA's forthcoming Spring 2013 translation Light and Heavy Things a “moving and timely glimpse into contemporary Pakistani literature.” “Plainspoken and image-driven, Sahil’s poems rarely break a page but offer complex portraits of contemporary Pakistani life in which nature, city, war, and human emotion all entwine with the quotidian,” says the review. "At times the poems seem driven by personal longing: 'I stared out the window./ Dreams built their nests in my eyes,/ and the cage was empty.' At others, their force can be of the collective and political kind: 'Always in the city/ on our way from here to there/ we are afraid… newspapers/ like firecrackers/ all day/ explode in our hands.'" These tensions between personal longings and political leanings culminate into Zeeshan Sahil's “lithe, compassionate voice,” which "infuses his subject matter with both human gravity and delicate luminosity” throughout the entire collection. Light and Heavy Things is the first of Sahil’s work available in English, and the selected poems span over 15 years of his writing. Pre-order a copy of Light and Heavy Things, today! Through the end of April, purchase a book of poetry and we'll gift a free book of poetry to the recipient of your choice! Happy National Poetry Month! Click here for more details.