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Buy One/Give One This National Poetry Month!

NPM_LOGO Image courtesy of National Poetry Month is just days away(!), and BOA is getting ready to celebrate by participating in a Buy One/Give One promotion during the entire month of April. How does it work? For every book of poetry you purchase through the BOA Bookstore this month, BOA will "gift" a free book of poetry to the recipient of your choice! The goal is to put more poetry into more hands, especially for those who don't ordinarily read poetry. Purchase a book of poetry through the BOA Bookstore this National Poetry Month, and we'll contact you via email for the mailing address of the recipient you'd like to "gift" a free book to. We'll take care of the rest! BOA is glad to be collaborating with Archipelago Books, Coffee House Press, Copper Canyon Press, Milkweed Editions, Red Hen Press, Sarabande Books, and Tin House Books on this offer. The collaboration grew out of a suggestion Tin House magazine poetry editor Matthew Dickman made to a gathering of poetry lovers. Next came his blog post, Poetry by Mail, which went viral and was linked to on several sites and reposted on the Huffington Post. "So let’s raise a book of poems in the air!" says Dickman in his blog post. "Let’s preach the good news of poetry and all it does for us! Advocate for poetry and you advocate for a better world." For further details, feel free to email us at


  • Thanks for your question! When you purchase any book of poetry, and provide us with an address for the recipient to which you’d like us to “gift” a book, BOA will select a book of poetry to send. You are most welcome to purchase your book(s) at the BOA location or at BOA’s secure online bookstore.

    BOA Editions, Ltd. on

  • Is this any book? Can I pick out the ones I want at the BOA location or should I just use the website? Thanks!

    MC H-Cor on

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