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The Reindeer Camps: 'philosophy tinged with humor and insight'

reindeer_final_-_bookstore Lake Superior Magazine commends Barton Sutter's The Reindeer Camps for being "an excellent collection and a philosophy tinged with humor and insight." Praising the first and final sections of the book, the review describes the opening of The Reindeer Camps an "examin[ation of] the darker sides of people" and "the conditions that challenge our sense of living." While this opening section is one highly complimented for its ability to "observe nature and its celebration of diversity," the closing of the collection is truly something to marvel. "The final section is one epic poem - 'Reindeer Camps' - that takes us far north and puts us where we have never been and probably will never be," says the review. "It is a journey into timelessness - it brings forth the metaphors of age and place in the barren lands of Siberia. There is a lesson there for all mankind and our voracious consumption. And this plain landscape is a place to reflect on human space and place." For more information about The Reindeer Camps, click here.
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