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'Litany for the City' is a read to 'savor' --Gently Read Literature

litanyforthecitybookstore Todd McCarty of Gently Read Literature applauds Ryan Teitman for being a poet able to " the right pace, allowing [his poems] to arise, unfold, then pass away," ultimately giving "power" to his new collection Litany for the City (BOA, 2012). Though the book's title may initially make us consider "city" as a "singular, organized unit," Teitman's "vision of the metropolis shifts and evolves in unexpected ways" and "explores the mutable boundaries of place and perception." According to McCarty, "person and location impact one another" in this new collection, creating a "geography of shifting experience." Also praised in this review is Teitman's "construction" of images, through which his attention to detail makes it difficult to "untangle the beauty and pain." In this new prize-winning collection, readers are given poetry they can "savor," and are transformed when they can "begin to notice the minute details of their world." "Litany for the City embodies the scope and complexity of an urban setting, as well as the emotive depth and wonder it is to be human. In the end, it is only this muddled and luscious reside of experience with its form fading into fume that one is left with, and Teitman proves it is more than enough." Purchase Litany for the City, today.
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