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Craig Morgan Teicher in the Spotlight: Poets & Writers, Poetry Daily, KSFR 101.1FM, and more!

ToKeepLoveBlurry_smaller Guess who is talking about Craig Morgan Teicher and his latest book To Keep Love Blurry? Well, from the looks of it...everyone. If you haven't subscribed to Poets & Writers Magazine yet, now is the time to do it. In its current September/October issue is a fantastic interview with both Teicher and his wife Brenda Shaughnessy, who also has a book being published this month. Here is a synopsis of the piece from the magazine: "After navigating a devastating crisis, husband-and-wife poets Craig Morgan Teicher and Brenda Shaughnessy reflect on the fortifying powers of poetry and their commitment to their marriage and one another’s work." Be sure to get your hands on this issue; this exclusive multi-page interview is not one to miss out on! Teicher's poem "The Meantime" from To Keep Love Blurry has also been getting spotlight attention, having been featured last week as Poetry Daily's "Poem of the Day," and even as the "Daily Shorty" for the last day of August. Claire Guyton of the Daily Shorty calls "The Meantime" wonderful and inspiring: The Meantime It's easy to overjoy a window with brilliant flowers but what if long-longed-for time suddenly bubbled over the lip of the clock, as if each day doubled due to a lost job or loved one slaughtered, leaving hours to fill—how would you do it? Could you whittle the Founding Fathers faces out of wood, or fold little origami models of the same famous building? With time, couldn't you master the craft of anything? Maybe write precious verse or, worse, illuminate the best of Aesop in needlepoint—someone ought to, or maybe someone really oughtn't, so why, or why not you? If time's a parking spot, life's what you do while you wait for Mr. Whoever to get back in the car—a good hobby to make this minute count like a droplet in the sea. There's more. Word about To Keep Love Blurry is spreading like wildfire, even making its way to Santa Fe's Public Radio KSFR 101.1FM. Lauren Camp, host and producer of the Audio Saucepan radio show, read Teicher's poem "Jazz" over-the-air this past Sunday night.  The weekly radio show "combines jazz, back country, and world sounds with interpretive readings of poetry and recorded words. The show airs each Sunday from 5 to 6 PM (Mountain Time) on KSFR 101.1FM Santa Fe Public Radio, and streams live on the internet via (" Though To Keep Love Blurry won't officially be released until September 11, advanced-copies are available NOW in the BOA Bookstore! Snatch a copy of the book being talked about from coast-to-coast and throughout the world!
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