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'Collected Clifton': The Eighteenth Pillar

In the company of The King James Bible and The Collected Works of William Shakespeare, Kyle Minor of the Big Other places The Collected Poems of Lucille Clifton 1965-2010 on his list of the top 50 "Literary Pillars" of all time. The landmark volume (available now in the BOA Bookstore!) is ranked number 18. Considering that the list ends at 50, Minor sings (or rather, writes) the praises of Ms. Clifton in a big way, placing her collection among top twenty-five, above such writers as Ezra Pound and Kurt Vonnegut. Such an august presence suggests that Ms. Clifton has not only become an icon in her own right, but that she has become a pillar which will continue to support literary inspiration long after her passing.

See the list here!

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