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'Library Journal' reviews 'To Keep Love Blurry'

[caption id="attachment_1832" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Teicher, author of the forthcoming "To Keep Love Blurry""]Craig Morgan Teicher[/caption] Fall is (distantly) on its way, and with it are some spectacular new collections from BOA! One such collection is Craig Morgan Teicher's To Keep Love Blurry, which was recently praised by Library Journal for its refreshing balance of formality and playfulness. Check it out! Library Journal writes: "The majority of poems in this new work from Teicher... employ form in the best sense of the word-- as a frame, not a crutch... When at his best, Teicher's poems are formal and--as a welcome bonus-- amusing." To Keep Love Blurry is Teicher's third book, following  Brenda Is In The Room And Other Poems (2007),  and Cradle Book (BOA, 2010). According to Library Journal, "Readers who like formal poetry and have a sense of humor will certainly appreciate this book." Keep an eye out for this promising new collection from a thriving poet, available this September, and check out his other titles currently available at the BOA Bookstore!

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  • […] The book has received praise and reviews from such places as Publishers Weekly, Vanity Fair, Library Journal, and The Rumpus, which compares Teicher with such literary “giants” as Robert Lowell, Sylvia […]

    New Title Preview: To Keep Love Blurry | Rochester Arts | Rochester Democrat and Chronicle on

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