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Publishers Weekly: Talking About 'True Faith'

true_faith_smaller_2 BOA writer Ira Sadoff is once again in the Publishers Weekly spotlight, for his new (eighth) collection, True Faith. PW praises Sadoff's acute self-awareness and observations of others, as he inspects the "world's imperfections until he reaches something spiritual.. ." Sadoff's connection to the core essence of humanity -- the wordless, "unsayable" parts-- is what pushes his readers to what PW calls "a white-hot place" where Sadoff explores "“our fevers, those hungers/ that have no words around them, no illustrations." His poems display an undeniable paradox between the frustration of longing for an explained identity, and the pleasure of utter humanity (so human we are beyond human), scarred by things like mistakes and lost love. Sadoff makes poetry out of that which we can't explain, and PW has enjoyed the results. You will too. Read the whole article here. True Faith was released by BOA this past April -- get your copy here. ira-no-chimney


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