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Barton Sutter's 'Reindeer Camps' in the Spotlight!

reindeer camps Just days ago, Star Tribune reviewed one of BOA's newest titles The Reindeer Camps by Barton Sutter, calling the poet a "virtuoso of form" and "meter," a rather rare quality today. The review also makes it clear: this is poetry with a sense of humor! Sutter's poetry so naturally embodies rhythm, metaphor, and rhyme, that the review acknowledges it's no surprise that Sutter is also a musician. With musical quality, playful descriptions, and profound insight, Sutter's The Reindeer Camps shows he is "unafraid to employ meter and humor" as he "revels in the natural world" and writes poems "that reveal his ear for the spoken, or sung, word." Check out the entire review here. Enjoy The Reindeer Camps for yourself, here. Also, check out some of Sutter's other work!

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