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Waters and Nielsen Reviews in "Gently Read Literature"

GospelNight_smaller  HouseInspections_small The April 2012 issue of Gently Read Literature features two of BOA's poets, Michael Waters and Carsten Rene Nielsen. Mike Walker reviewed Nielsen's poetry collection, House Inspections, translated by David Keplinger. Walker believes Nielsen has a distinct voice and gives praise to the translation that replicates the tone and feel of the original Danish version. Walker says, "Nielsen creates sketches of place and typical actions of the day as if his words slipped off a journal's page." Gerry LaFemina reviewed Michael Water's poetry collection, Gospel Night. After re-reading Gospel Night, LaFemina says it is like "taking a poetic journey in both time and space." LaFemina also says, "Waters is a poet of the eye and ear, a poet of the world in all its sublime and profane beauty." The review highlights Water's playful lines and sense of rhyme. Read the two engaging reviews here. The collections are must-reads, and can be purchased in BOA's Bookstore by clicking on the title, House Inspections and Gospel Night.
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