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Our Very Own Peter Conners Is Poet of the Week at PBS NewsHour!

Watch Weekly Poem: From 'Movements Forward, Movements Away' on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

PBS NewsHour is featuring Peter Conners, publisher at BOA Editions, as their Poet of the Week due to his imaginative prose in "Movements Forward, Movements Away." The poem captures the reader from the beginning till end. Watch the video above to hear Peter's reading or click here to visit PBS to read the excerpt as well. GO PETER!!!!!


  • Dear Daniela,
    Thank you for your comments. BOA is very proud of all our authors, past and present, and especially of the great legacy of Al Poulin’s work. We strive to honor those roots whenever possible. Please see the “Our Story” page under “About Us” on this website for a nice narrative about BOA’s history. Sadly, after 35 years, some older BOA titles have gone out of print, thus those are not featured on the website. We strive to keep as many titles as we can in print for as long as we can, but that’s not always possible. In some of the cases you mention, the titles are no longer in print. However you may be missing some of the classic titles that are available here in your search. Please look again… BOA’s rich history is alive and well on this site and in the world! Thanks for your part in making that history. Sincerely, Peter Conners

    BOA Editions, Ltd. on

  • Nice piece by Peter Conners. I like the whimsy and excitement of it and the emotionally symbolic meaning of the ending of“Movements Forward, Movements Away."

    But, how sad for me, one of the earliest BOA poets, to not even find a trace of my book EGGS IN THE LAKE, one of the first BOA Editions books introduced by John Logan, anywhere on this site. BOA was in its infancy then and I used to put Al Poulin, Jr., my friend up in my New York City apartment to save him money every time he came to New York to scout around founding the press. I’ve just found a fat stack of HANDWRITTEN letters from Al from those early days of BOA. The letters contain much history of BOA’s founding, and much praise of my work by Al Poulin, Jr., though I can no longer find a trace of it at this website. I also have much handwritten correspondence from Rose Graubart Ignatow and Isabella Gardner, also friends of mine then, as was John Logan and other BOA poets, D. Snodgrass, Bill Heyen, etc. Sadly wondering why no trace of us early BOA poets,
    Daniela Gioseffi: PEN AMERICAN CENTER Webpage:
    Editor/ Publisher
    The Poet and the Poem, Library of Congress Radio Show Webcast: Scroll down at:

    Daniela Gioseffi on

  • How can I get to the video? Glad to see that your publications get so much press! Or should we call it air? HelenLatner

    Helen Latner on

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