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In the Time of the Girls, a Glimmering Mosaic

In their Spring 2011 issue, the Review of Contemporary Fiction featured BOA author Anne Germanacos's collection of short stories, In the Time of the Girls, published Fall 2010. The reviewer notes that each story within the collection consciously collects "small yet luminous moments into some larger mosaic." Germanacos's prose is lauded for "the sharp glimmer" which each mosaic-like story possesses, further lending "an entire universe of meaning" to each individual tale. Among other praise for the book was the following:
"Germanacos's evocative prose delivers precise and lasting images in a series of vignettes, each carefully crafted with a minimalist's patience and a maximalist's ambition. For all their aesthetic refinement, however, Germanacos's stories contain compelling human dramas, exploring such themes as the fluidity of bodies, identities, gender, and sexuality, as well as joy, loneliness, and love. Thus, even when Germanacos is at her most surreal and elusive--as she radicalizes notions of identity and human relationships--the stories retain a clarity and a core that grounds them in the world of human emotions."
time of germanacos To read the rest of the review, pick up a copy of The Review of Contemporary Fiction Spring 2011 Edition (Vol. XXXI). Anne Germanacos's In the Time of the Girls is available for purchase now.
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