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A Capacity to Dream: Diwata reviewed in Galatea Resurrects!

Barbara Jane Reyes's Diwata continues to attract attention for poems whose lines are "lyrical and mystical in their rhythm."  In Galatea Resurrects, G. Justin Hulog's perceptive review explores the mythological concerns of Diwata, placing into context the cultural and historical implications of Barbara's poems: "In her poetic musings, we see the concerns of the Filipino diaspora brought to life: the desire to reclaim our pre-colonial past, the lament of colonialism, the search for an “authentic” voice, the terror of rape and war, the universal struggle to translate ourselves and, perhaps most importantly, our capacity to dream." G. Justin Hulong boldly concludes that Diwata is a book that "serves as a singular yet oddly universal expression of what the Filipino was, is and ultimately can be." You can read the whole review here. Barbara is also currently writing as a guest blogger for the Poetry Foundation's Harriet: The Blog for National Poetry Month.  An active blogger who had written for the Poetry Foundation last year, Barbara's thoughts on publishing are always intelligent and compelling. You can read more of what she has to say here.
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