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Bloomberg Quotes BOA Poetry in 9/11 Speech

[caption id="attachment_1036" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Matthew Shenoda. BOA Poet. "]Matthew Shenoda. BOA Poet. [/caption]
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg concluded his 9/11 address with some lines of poetry that may sound familiar. That's because they were quoted from the 2009 BOA title, Seasons of Lotus, Seasons of Bone by Matthew Shenoda! The quotes are from Matthew's poem "Donkey Carts and Desolation": Ingenuity is the notion of building/ On a foundation made from loss You can watch the speech here (the quote takes place at 9 minutes 15 seconds into the video): We applaud Mayor Bloomberg's choice in using poetry to communicate his challenging message and congratulate Matthew Shenoda on having his powerful words provide solace to so many people.  
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