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Verse Reviews Dark Things

[caption id="attachment_331" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Charles Simic, BOA translator, with Novica Tadic, BOA author."]Charles Simic, BOA translator, with Novica Tadic, BOA author.[/caption] Another smart review from Verse! Follow the below link to read Timothy Henry's insightful review of Dark Things, poems by Novica Tadic, translated from the Serbian by Charles Simic, in which Henry says things like: "In his introduction to Novica Tadic's Dark Things, Charles Simic suggests that the reader of this haunted collection is led by “a nameless recluse, mistrustful and fearful . . . surrounded on all sides by monsters and apparitions generated by his vivid, guilt-ridden imagination.” With the guidance of this recluse, we are taken on a full-frontal tour of the narrator’s neighborhood, where this brilliant, delicate elder has lived long enough to lose any hope for his land's salvation."

[Verse Review of Dark Things]

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