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Bursky on poetry, talent, and artichokes

In a new interview with Pine Hills Review, Rick Bursky talks about a number of different topics, from what motivates his writing to the number of fountain pens he owns, and the way artichokes mate for life. The interview is funny, informative, fascinating, and eye-opening.

Pine Hills Review says, "As far as I can tell, Rick Bursky has done just about everything. No, really. This is a man who has almost as many scuba dives to his name as he does published poems (that would be 190 scuba dives versus 231 published poems, at last count). In case you’re feeling unaccomplished by comparison, don’t worry—he’s only been a national game show contestant five times, and he’s still only produced a single off-Broadway play.

"His fourth book of poetry, I’m No Longer Troubled by the Extravagance (BOA Editions, 2015), is pensive, haunting, and just a little bit disturbing. It’s funny just when you think there’s no room left for laughter. It questions the dark recesses of human consciousness, and leaves me with a burning desire to find out more about artichokes, as it appears Bursky would have me believe I’ve been underestimating this particular vegetable all along."

Click here to read Pine Hills' interview with Rick Bursky, and find out what you really need to know about artichokes.

I’m No Longer Troubled by the Extravagance is available now at the BOA Bookstore.

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