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DIWATA an 'amazing feminist tour-de-force’

 Barbara Jane Reyes' collection Diwata was recently reviewed by North American Review, which called the book an "amazing feminist tour-de-force."

According to the review, “Diwata by Barbara Jane Reyes reclaims the feminine in Filipino culture and myth from Spanish colonial appropriation and Catholic missionary theocracy.”

The collection focuses on Filipino life, and the mythology that surrounds diwata, the spirits that guard nature. “Reyes movingly humanizes the diwata, telling stories of when they take on human form.”

In her quest to feature Filipina voices, Reyes has created a narrative that explores the ignored and sidelined: “Diwata features many female voices, not just spirits but also Eve, mermaids, grandmothers, aswang (infamous monsters), and most importantly the poet, a girl-figure in the overall book’s narrative who is learning her poetic craft. And learning to value and advance the female voice, the specifically Filipina voice, not only in myth but also in 'real' life. In Diwata, Reyes has accomplished an amazing feminist tour-de-force. Mabuhay!"

Click here to read the full piece from North American Review.

Diwata is available now from the BOA Bookstore.

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