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Stories from BOA Readers: #BOATurns40

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Peter Conners | Rochester, NY

My ideal reading experience is the same now as it was when I first fell in love with reading - which was pretty much when I first learned to read. It's very simple really. I am in bed with a book that I love so much that hours pass without me even noticing they're gone. I have lost entire days to books -- and, with any luck, I will again. I also associate this activity with Sundays, but that may be because I'm older and Sundays tend to be the quietest days of the week with the fewest responsibilities. So, yeah, give me an entire Sunday afternoon to get lost in a book that I love. Let me lift my head up at the end of the day, rub my eyes, and be surprised that it's already dark out. Let me set the book aside for a couple hours to have dinner, but secretly yearn to crawl back into bed to read until my eyes fall closed with the book on my chest. Let my slow and steady breathing move the book up and down while I fall deeper into sleep. The best books follow us into our dreams.
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