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Pig Notes & Other Dumb Music: Prose on Poetry

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Pig Notes & Other Dumb Music: Prose on Poetry

By: William Heyen

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About This Title

William Heyen's prose and poetry collection, Pig Notes & Dumb Music, locates the central questions that all creative writers need to engage as they write themselves. Drawing from parables, stories, vignettes, and poems writtem over the past twenty years, Heyen helps free us toward the inexhaustable sources of our imaginations.

Subject Matter

You're riding a horse, but pretty much giving it its rein. You are bourne along by it, can shift your posture in the saddle, can look around you to remark on the landscape, bushes & trees galloping by— are those honeysuckles or redtwig dogwoods, maples or box elders?— but from long habit & imagined necessity you stay on the horse with your feet in the stirrups. You are riding along on your steed named "Subject" when, wham, an overhanging branch takes you out. You see stars & wonder, later, what galaxy it was that you visited, and what in the hell happened to your horse.

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Paperback ISBN: 1-880238-56-x
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Publishing Date: January 1998