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Hyam Plutzik: The Collected Poems - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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Hyam Plutzik: The Collected Poems

By: Hyam Plutzik

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"The poems of Hyam Plutzik... deserve to be far more widely known and admired than at present they are.... To the poems originally collected in three volumes published during Plutzik's lifetime are now added an impressively large collection of (previously uncollected and unpublished) poems.... They exhibit all the wit, warmth, curiosity, affection, and skill that over the years made Hyam Plutzik a poet of such remarkable accomplishment.... And his gifts are of so distinct and admirable a sort as to assure him of a large and responseive audience."   -- Anthony Hecht The Camorra They meet me at midday in implausible places; They strike at me with their daggers and when I cry out I am told there are no invisible highwaymen. I say that even at noon in the public streets Where crowds are chattering, fingers brush my throat And a whisper reveals the conspirators are here. O they plotted this before Adam was born, To track us like hounds till we falter at last and fall Though we laugh behind doors and wear clever disguises. For they were not all thrown in the burning gulf. There are those who remained behind and at convocations Fawn at the Lord and mumble the words of Hosannas. Available editions: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paperback ISBN: 0-918526-55-8 Price: $15.00 Publishing Date: January 1987