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Open Submissions in June

We're back from a beautiful Memorial Day weekend and ready to read your poetry and fiction submissions! June is open submission month for our American Poets Continuum Series and also for the American Reader Series for fiction or works of prose about poetry and poetics. You can find complete submission information at these pages:  American Poets Continuum Series American Reader Series kid-jumping-into-lake When submitting to any publisher, always remember that it is *key* to follow the submission guidelines before "jumping in." Publishers spend many hours writing and honing these guidelines and it is common courtesy (and just plain good common sense) to follow them when submitting your work. On each of these pages, you'll also find links to books we have published in the given series. We urge you (and this goes for any publisher or journal where you're submitting work) to read books from the series before submitting. You may find that the series isn't such a good fit for your work after all. Or you may yell "Eureka!" this is the perfect place! Either way, showing familiarity with the publisher's work and noting books that are similar to yours is a great way of letting the publisher know that you've done your homework. We wish you best of luck with your writing and publishing. But, most of all, a memorable and fun-filled summer!


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