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The note pinned carefully to the branch
is not for you. Even so, you remove it, unfold it.
The page is blank.
       —G.C. Waldrep, from Testament (BOA, spring 2015)

For so many writers, the blank page is an ominous presence. It can be a matter of sheer willpower to stare down that blankness and do what all writers are ultimately compelled to do: write.

Before the written word, that blank space may have been a savannah waiting to be filled with voices telling stories of the hunt and the omens found in nature. Beyond that, stories were often handwritten and passed along, sometimes in illuminated manuscripts that took generations to complete.

Today, there are numerous ways to share our stories and even more ways to distract ourselves from truly hearing them. But here at BOA we’re committed to reaching audiences with the stories and poems we publish (in both print and e-book editions!). Our authors are not just “contemporary” or any other designation assigned to living writers. Rather, they—and we as their publisher—are taking part in a tradition as old as humankind.

Together, we are sharing the stories of our humanity, bringing illumination, understanding, and light to the savannahs of today’s complicated world. With your support, BOA will continue this important and timeless work.

Your gift right now will help us make sure that the pages of our days are filled with the best this world has to offer—for ages to come.

P.S. Did you know…

  • BOA donates hundreds of books each year to places that can’t afford to buy poetry books for the adults and youths they serve

  • BOA introduces American readers to poets from around the world through our Lannan Translations Selection Series

  • In the past two years alone, BOA books have received the James Laughlin Award, the Hurston/Wright Legacy Award, the Global Filipino Literary Award, and the Best Translated Book Award, among others


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  • With a gift of $1,000: You will be recognized as a supporter on the colophon page of all nine of the 2015 titles below and will receive a copy of each book. You will also receive a limited edition BOA publication.

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2015 Titles

Fanny Says - Poems by Nickole Brown

In this "unleashed love song" to her late grandmother, Nickole Brown's collection brings her sassy, bawdy, tough-as-new-rope grandmother to life. With hair teased to Jesus, mile-long false eyelashes, and a white Cadillac Eldorado decked with atomic-red leather seats, Fanny isn't your typical granny rocking in a chair. A cross-genre collection that reads like a novel, this hilarious and often wrenching book is both a collection of oral history and a moving and lyrical biography that wrestles with the complexities of the South, including poetry, racism, and domestic violence.

Shame | Shame - Poems by Devin Becker

Winner of the A. Poulin, Jr. Poetry Prize, with a foreword by David St. John

Devin Becker's Poulin Prize-winning collection investigates two types of shame: that which disgraces, and that which curbs and keeps. Set in the mundane everyday where lives maneuver around other lives, conversations are clumsy, and a co-worker is the only one without a party invite, these confessional, narrative poems humorously dramatize the socially awkward moments of life.

Why God Is a Woman - Poems by Nin Andrews

Set on a magical island where women rule and men are the second sex, Why God Is a Woman is the story of a boy who, exiled from the island because he could not abide by its sexist laws, looks  back with both nostalgia and bitterness and wonders: Why does God have to be a woman? Celebrated prose poet Nin Andrews creates a world both fantastic and familiar in which gender roles are turned upside-down, and where all myths, logic, and institutions support the dominance of women.

Testament - A poem by G.C. Waldrep

In this book-length poem, G.C. Waldrep addresses matters as diverse as Mormonism, cymatics, race, Dolly the cloned sheep, and his own life and faith. Drafted over twelve trance-like days while in residence at Hawthornden Castle, Waldrep responds to such poets as Alice Notley, Lisa Robertson, and Carla Harryman, and tackles the question of whether gender can be a lyric form. Intimately autobiographical, Waldrep's fifth book masterly takes its own place in the American tradition of the long poem.

Reptile House - Stories by Robin McLean 

Winner of the BOA Short Fiction Prize

The fascinating characters in these nine short stories abandon families, plot assassinations, nurse vendettas, tease, taunt, and terrorize. They retaliate for bad marriages, derail their lives with desires and delusions, and wait decades for lovers. How far will we go to escape to a better dream? What consequences must we face for hope and fantasy? Probing the dark underbelly of human nature and want, Robin McLean's stories are strange, often disturbing and funny, and as full of foolishness and ugliness as they are of the wisdom and beauty all around us.  

 I'm No Longer Troubled By the Extravagance - Poems by Rick Bursky

I'm No Longer Troubled By the Extravagance is a collection of confessional poetry that assigns new meaning to people and things of the past. Surrealist love poems appear on the page as yesterdays, holding strong the belief that the past is as myterious as the future. According to a Booklist review of his previous work, "Bursky's unflinching honesty is certain to resonate with readers as he crystallizes the fleeting moments of life and then cuts to the quick with both precision of language and depth of thought in poems that are at once unsettling and comforting."  

Antidote for Night - Poems by Marsha de la O

Antidote for Night is the winner of the 2015 Isabella Gardner Poetry Award from BOA Editions. Her book Black Hope won the New Issues Poetry Prize from the University of Western Michigan and an Editor's Choice Award. A multiple Pushcart Prize nominee, she is the recipient of the 2014 Morton Marcus Memorial Poetry Prize, the dA Poetry Prize, the Ventura Poetry Prize, two cultural arts grants from the City of Ventura, and a Tumblewords Poetry Residency. With her husband, poet Phil Taggart, she publishes the poetry journal Askew.

Beautiful Wall - Poems by Ray Gonzalez

According to David Biespiel, "Ray Gonzalez has given us again a book of humanity and compassion. It is a pleasure to have him lead us from the Rio Grande to Montana, from Colorado to his hometown of El Paso, Texas, and all across the West in search of both the menacing and the luminous ... This is a book that affirms poetry as the art of a vast nation. Gonzalez celebrates and laments. He blesses and curses and brings both moral outrage and tender empathy to his subjects of lived lives and dying lives." Gonzalez's work is inextricably linked to his Mexican ancestry and American upbringing in the desers of the Southwest. 

The Education of a Poker Player - Linked Stories by James McManus

Set in the 1950s and 60s, these seven linked stories follow an eight-year-old Irish Catholic altar boy. Persuaded by his grandmother that a future in priesthood would guarantee salvation for every member of his family, thereby dodging eons of torture in the flames of hell or purgatorial fire, he eagerly enrolls in a Jesuit seminary for high school. But as the meaning of a vow of celibacy becomes clearer to him, and he is introduced to the pleasures of poker, life as a seminarian becomes less appealing. A championship poker player, McManus is the author of Positively Fifth Street, Going to the Sun, and nine other books of poetry, fiction, and fact.