BOA Endowment Fund

The BOA Editions, Ltd. Endowment Fund is administered by the Rochester Area Community Foundation

In May 2007, BOA created an Endowment Fund with an initial contribution of $25,000, secured from careful resource management and 30th anniversary funding efforts.

BOA is entitled to an annual draw equal to 5%. Until the principal of the fund grows, this won't be a significant revenue stream for BOA, but it marks our determination to continue in perpetuity, and to allow donors an option to invest in our future.

Since poetry books don't typically sell in quantities that sustain our book production, BOA Editions needs to rely on various forms of grants and donations in order to continue to fulfill its mission. Approximately 11 % of our annual funding currently comes from government grants, which may or may not be available from year to year. Therefore, BOA is determined to find ways to survive and thrive should this funding cease.

For more information about including BOA Editions, Ltd. in your will, or making a one-time contribution to our Endowment Fund, please contact the Community Foundation at (585) 271-4100.